The Medusa Conspiracy

What did it all mean? She was onto something, that was for sure; she had stumbled across some strange conspiracy, but what did it all add up to? Who was Ahmed? And North Korea? Wasn’t North Korea a closed book?

Richard and Natasha are two young, high-flying New Yorkers intoxicated with each other and about to marry, when Natasha is killed in what appears to be a tragic accident.

Devastated by grief, Richard tries to get on with his life, but Natasha’s mother insists that her daughter, a freelance journalist, was working on a story that could be connected to her death. After being dismissed by the New York authorities, she enlists the help of a small news organisation and the investigation is assigned to seasoned journalist Greg Sanderson. As he begins to make enquiries Greg finds, to his surprise, that Natasha was on the verge of exposing a major plot, with consequences that would be felt around the globe. Greg follows the trail to North Korea, where he falls foul of the authorities and meets an enigmatic female officer. But when the Twin Towers are destroyed back in New York, events escalate and Greg finds himself at the centre of an international conspiracy.

As shocking as it is thrilling, The Medusa Conspiracy intertwines fact and fiction to tell a story of intrigue, lies, corruption and the brutal reality of life in the DPRK.

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‘Hard to put down, roll on the sequel!’

‘Intriguing drama, a must read’

‘Gripping thriller’


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